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Local Flyer Distribution – Bringing the Past into the Present

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Once upon a time, outstanding customer service and quality products were enough to warrant a business successful. Word-of-mouth through friends, family and co-workers could help a business could grow exponentially. But in today's world, competition is fierce; with so many different gimmicks, specials and discounts, sometimes the qualities that used to propel successful companies just aren't enough to make them stand out anymore. Luckily, there is a powerful marketing tool from the past that is coming back in a big way and can provide you all the advertisement you need to either get things off the ground or expand your customer base many times over.
Spend a Dime, Save a Dollar
Many of today's top advertisers are beginning to realize that the world is tiring of digital media being utilized as a method of convincing consumers to buy everything under the sun. The average person feels overwhelmed by all the online flashy designs and redirects to click here and there, and wishes for a simpler, clearer presentation about products and services they may consider trying. Today's economy is not the boon it once was, and savvy shoppers are always looking for the best value for their money. Unlike in years past where we quickly bought everything we saw, now we want to know more about what is being sold, and who is offering it at the best price. Shoppers have been burned by television advertisements one too many times and the average consumer is becoming distrustful of what they see broadcasted. From a business perspective, buying airtime to promote your company is beginning to lose its appeal. While there will always be radio ads and television commercials, these methods are quickly losing steam. In a world of digital cable recorders people are fast-forwarding through commercials to get back to their program. Podcasts are replacing regular radio stations on our mobile devices, which decreases the potential customer exposure even further. However, spending money on local flyer distribution can save you money and offer a far bigger return on your investment.
Fly High with Local Flyer Distribution
In keeping with consumer thriftiness, more people than ever are browsing through flyers for the best deal before deciding to make a purchase. There is something inherently trustful about the printed word that keeps us interested in reading and absorbing its information over other types of marketing. Local flyer distribution is a perfect way to promote business without overwhelming the customer, and provides them with a handy reference guide when they are ready to make their purchase or employ services. Flyers are extremely cost effective, and they deliver the business message directly to the consumer via home delivery. For a smart solution to expand your business, invest in local flyer distribution and let an age-old practice show you why it's worth more now than ever.

Flyer Advertising Still Works!

They say traditional advertising is a dying breed of marketing due to the emergence of the internet, trimedia and mobile advertisements. While its no question that mobile usage and browsing has blown mainstream and out of proportion compared to other means of reaching your audiences, traditional branding and marketing are still hidden gems and still a good effort to bring about awareness and sales. The old ways of giving out brochures, sales letters and other info materials into people’s mailboxes and doorsteps will never run out of style and will always bring the most hands on personal touch and approach to reach out to your targeted audiences.

People are swayed with good information coupled with lovely graphics or pictures. When we visit our dentist or doctors, brochures and info materials are readily available at the lounge and waiting area for us to read and guide us to the right information. Imagine this type of awareness being delivered right to your target demographics doorstep, mail boxes, etc. People will still read these materials diligently and it will just be like handing them your website using a brochure.The good thing is your message won't get lost in a sea of competitors. This method of advertising will deliver your message directly to your audience.

The very first step to advertising your business is knowing your target demographic. If you own a local gym for example, you would want to advertise in the local area near your business. If you advertise to radio stations and newspapers, they will still broadcast your ads to a very wide range of listeners and readers, however more than 70% of your audience will not be the ones you wanted to advertise within the first place. This will be costly, as you will be paying for the audiences that will never be interested in going to your gym because of location and other complexities. But if you use door to door advertising, you can pinpoint any nearby communities that are near you and have the right flyers and info materials for them to come straight into your business.

Designing your ads is also key to making your audience bite into your announcements, sales, and other information that you wanted to spread with your flyers. Don’t worry as great designers, copywriters and marketing specialist will be available to design effective ads with call to action triggers that will make your targeted audience reach out to you for your services. Flyer advertising works regardless of what kind of business you own, be it restaurants, home improvement, do it yourself shops, storage companies, fitness clubs, retail stores and yes even non-profit foundations. This way of reaching out is really revolutionary.

Once the ads are prepared and printed according to your specifications and design, the next step is to strategize a schedule for distribution. It could be during a big sale , clearance sale or even a interval schedule of your choice.

So if you are interested to add leads, add visitors and phone calls to your business now, be sure to try out flyer advertising. Its an effect direct approach to getting your message to your customers and clients directly and increasing your profits.

Flyer Advertising Showing How Your Company has a Heart

Flyer advertising is an important part of any local marketing campaign. Local flyer distribution allows you to connect directly to your customers. It’s something digital marketing can never do, no matter how prominent it becomes in the world of marketing. Let’s take a look at the human side of advertising.


Who are You?

Lots of companies are faceless. Their customers have no idea who they are. Organizations who decide to change this must first decide where their problems lie. And it’s obvious. None of their marketing methods actually put them in touch with their target audience.


Leaflet advertising allows them to do this. They give the leaflets to friendly individuals who will pass on a friendly word and a smile when they hand out their flyers. The receiver feels a sense of trust and confidence, giving them a different view of this company because of the polite person who represented the business.


The Potential Advantages

 We’re more likely to listen to someone talking directly to us. If lots of people talk in a room it’s unlikely we’ll listen to anyone fully. The latter example is the world of modern advertising. Post an email and the chances are they won’t read it. On the contrary, hand them a leaflet or launch a local flyer distribution campaign and put it through their doors and they’re far more likely to read it.


As a company, you’ll experience greater response rates, a more engaged audience, and higher conversions. All this leads to a more solid customer base and a bigger return on your investment.

Generate Leads with Local Flyer Distribution

In the day of digital advertising and the Internet, it’s easy to overlook good old-fashioned flyer advertising? However, any experienced marketing professional would tell you not to dismiss flyers just yet. Before you stop and roll your eyes while reading this message, just read up for about 5 minutes. There are lots of reasons why you should still advertise with flyers and to make sure that your flyers do not end up in the trash. There is one word that you have to remember – abruption.

In advertising, abruption is the term used when something totally unexpected is done to surprise the viewers. You see, people have developed this immunity to advertising. It is everywhere and consumers are distinctly aware that advertisers are out to get them, they have this shield that keeps them from believing ads. That is probably the reason why TV commercials are no longer as effective as it was a decade ago. Abruption, because it is unexpected, allows advertising messages to be communicated to potential customers and clients while their guards are down. This leaves them more susceptible to the message and more likely to respond to it.

So how can one apply the concept of abruption on a flyer? Well, there is such a thing as door hanger advertising. Imagine walking into the front steps of your home to find a nice and informative door hanger hanging from your doorknob. Because that is something that is hardly ever done, won’t you have the urge to actually read what is written on it? Nobody wants to see the flyers slipped underneath their door. It totally lowers the value of the offer and leaves the message undesirable to the consumer before they even get the chance to read it. However, if the same message is presented in a unique way, such as a door hanger, potential clients, are more likely to receive and accept the message.

So why not just go digital? This is the irony of it. Digital messages worked great because it was still new – it was a novelty back in the day. Today, though, people open their email and there are more ads than actual letters from people. They are just too used to it. Besides, because it is too easy, they know that there isn’t much effort put into it.

Give them a hard copy of the flyer (or in this case, a door hanger) and they will recognize the effort put into it because it is personalized. That is something commonly missing and something that many consumers are looking for in this digital age.

So don’t give up on traditional flyer advertisig just yet. Do it with a twist and you are bound to generate lots of leads.